northern flicker woodpecker in Calgary
Northern Flicker Woodpecker

Woodpeckers causing damage to EIFS stucco is a common problem caused mostly by the Northern Flicker, a protected species in Canada. It drills small and large holes into the styrofoam walls for two reasons, either they are drumming to broadcast their territory and to attract a mate or they are attempting to excavate a cavity for nesting. The second reason is what causes so much damage to homes with EIFS stucco as the styrofoam acts as a perfect nesting cavity for them.

5.0 Stucco Ltd specializes in woodpecker repair in the Calgary area.  We utilize ShieldIt™ products that offer 10 year manufacturing warranties against future woodpecker damage. The product  yields better impact resistance to EIFS and assists in warding off woodpeckers by changing the surface characteristics of the wall.

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