Our hands on management approach, coupled with years of experience enables us to provide ongoing superior quality craftsmanship.

 Our services include:


  • Parging
  • Textured Acrylic Finishes
  • Stucco Repairs
  • Float Acrylic Finishes
  • Foam Batten Trim
  • Reapplication

The following are the steps we take to create a remarkable final project

Stucco paper and wire installation

Begin by covering your home with two layers of black 30min water proof paper. All windows and doors are sealed with blue skin peel and stick membrane. Flashing is installed at this time as well; flashing can be color matched to any existing windows or soffit and fascia

Finishing up the paper and wire installation is the application of the stucco wire. The stucco wire used is a galvanized, welded material and installed over the black 30 min water proof paper with nails and staples. All installations are completed to the builders required code.

 Stucco Application

Prior to the application of our stucco products, regardless if it is the scratch coat, brown coat or the acrylic finish, all windows and doors are taped off with red stucco tape followed up by the application of a medium poly. To ensure the job site stays clean, all roofs and walkways are tarped and taped off. 5.0 Stucco prides itself on the care of your home and property throughout the project.

Our base coat, called “scratch coat” within the industry, is a sand and cement mixed coating. It is fabricated in a cement mixer with proper portions of portland cement, hydrated lime, sand and fiber shorts. The mixture is made to a working consistency and then applied to the stucco wire with a hawk and trowel.

Float Finish

After the scratch coat is applied, we begin the application of the “Brown coat” . The brown coat is applied in the same manner and consistency of the scratch coat. To meet all regulatory codes, the two coats combined will equal an overall thickness of 19mm (¾ inch). If the finishing coat is a smooth acrylic finish, called a “float finish”, one more step must be taken in order to prepare the brown coat for the float finish; The brown coat must be flattened and scrapped with a straight edge to ensure a smooth surface. This surface is then “floated out” in circular motions with a sponge trowel. This is done to achieve the smoothest possible finish.

We offer two types of acrylic finishes:

  1.   A drag finish, otherwise known as textured finish.
  2.  Smooth/float finish.

For the textured finish, a single coat of the colored acrylic will be troweled on over the scratch and brown coat. Once the single color coat is dry the textured coat will be applied to complete the stucco finish.For the float/smooth finish, a single coat of acrylic is applied by a plasterer with a metal hawk and trowel. Immediately following him is a second plasterer with a plastic trowel which he moves in circular motions to scrape off any excess acrylic and remove trowel lines. This will create that remarkable flawless finish that 5.0 Stucco is known for.

Please take a look at our portfolio exhibiting the results of our constant dedication to excellence.